Let's save water togehter!

Faucets with water saving aerators - perfect solutions for your home that will help you not only save water with no additional effors, but also save money for the water that you usually would use. 


RUBINETA products are designed to save water and energy.

The aerators designed by RUBINETA team will efficiently reduce costs for water consumption! Thanks to the small aerator of 4l/min a family can save a full pool of water.

Normally, 16l/min of water is discharged by one faucet, however RUBINETA aerator discharges up to 4l/min, thus reducing costs for water by 4 times.

RUBINETA has designed four new aerators for the Standard segment, which control faucet water discharge. It allows deciding individually on and choosing the quantity of water consumed, thus efficiently reducing the costs.

  • No possibility for faucet to clog up
  • Suitable for almost all types of faucets
  • No splashing
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Low-cost
  • Long service life
  • Flow stabilization
  • Optimum maintaining of water flow and control of water discharge

In addition, RUBINETA has designed a shower water limiter, which allows regulate individually water discharge from the spout. This product features its multifunctionality. If inserted on one side, it discharges 7 litres of water, while if inserted on other side, it discharges 9 litres, thus you can individually choose the quantity of water to be consumed.

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