How to choose a high quality faucet?

How to choose a high quality faucet?

Specialists estimated that the average family switches water on and off in a faucet up to ten thousand times per year. Only a high quality and reliable faucets can withstand such a load.

According to the construction and design, the faucets are divided into several types:


Two valves

With two valves/levers for both, hot and cold water.

  • Valves:
    • Affordable price
    • Simplicity of construction (for installation and repair)
    • More difficult to set the temperature and water pressure
  • Ceramic valves:
    • Longevity
    • Simplicity of construction (for installation and repair)
    • Convenient pressure and temperature control (rotation angle 180°)
  • Ceramic valves with "Flow control" function:
    • Three-stage valves provide a more accurate and convenient adjustment of water pressure, thereby reducing its consumption (rotation angle 270°)

One lever

With this type of faucet, water temperature and pressure are controlled smoothly with one lever. The main element is a ceramic cartridge.

  • Easy one-handed adjustment
  • Durability (ceramic cartridges average service time – 10 years)


These faucets are able to provide water with maintaining the set temperature and protect users from potential burns if water temperature and/or pressure changes.

The thermostatic faucets have two rotating levers. The first is designed to regulate water pressure, and the second – to accurately set water temperature (temperature scale indicated on it). It is enough to set the temperature once, and then you can only change the pressure.

Touchless (sensory). A faucet uses infrared signal, which turns on as soon as it detects a user's hand in the sensor's working area. Such faucets are popular to use in public buildings.


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