Shower heads OLO – the combo of style, quality and convenient use!

Shower heads OLO are quick and convenient way to upgrade any shower column set or concealed system. This product is stylish and has undeniably high quality – definitely worth of exceptional attention. These shower heads have plenty of nozzles that disperse water, giving your body a sense of bathing in the rain and allowing you to enjoy a relaxing time for yourself.
• 5-years warranty.
• Ideal dimensions – suitable for both large and medium-sized bathrooms.
• Two shapes – choose from round or square.
• Shower heads will not only perform their direct function perfectly, but they will also become a trendy and chic bathroom accent.
• The products are ultra-thin (thickness of each sheet is 1 mm, total 2 mm).

Technical information:
– Made of high-quality stainless steel (SS304) – an environmentally friendly material.
– Stainless steel products are resistant to rust and remain shiny for a long time.

Easy maintenance and installation:
– Rotary hinge allows to control the spray angle and direction of flow.
– Can be mounted on elbows, which are mounted on a wall or ceilings. OLO shower heads are suitable for shower columns also.
– Silicone nozzles ensure easy removal of any limescale deposits: just swipe with your hand and they will easily disappear.