Like a powerful etna eruption – here comes the hottest faucets‘ series for your bathroom!

A new and exclusive series of faucets now can be found in RUBINETA‘s product range – we proudly present washbasin faucets ETNA. Choose from three colours and two different heights and find the most suitable faucet option for your bathroom.

The washbasin faucets ETNA not only have exceptional quality but also innovative design solutions, which will give a feeling of modern elegance in your bathroom. The unique faucet’s handle – a finishing aesthetic accent that blends effectively with the faucet’s body.


  • Traditional chrome-plated*
  • Minimalist matte white*
  • Exceptional matte black*

* 5-year warranty on faucet’s body, 2-year warranty on colourful coatings.


This series has excellent quality:

  • The faucet is made of high-quality brass.
  • We use 25 mm ceramic cartridges CITEC (Spain).
  • Faucet is supplied with 60 cm PEX hoses FLIESSER (Germany).
  • Faucets ETNA have the new Neoperl Shorty aerators – low height housing for a classic and modernised look. Neoperl Shorty is also equipped with the proven water-saving PCA® technology which allows a compliance with different international water-saving requirements.

Our assortment:

  • Washbasin faucet Etna-18 (ET80008)
  • Washbasin faucet Etna-18 (BK) (ET80068)
  • Washbasin faucet Etna-18 (WT) (ET80078)
  • Washbasin faucet Etna-18/D (ETD0008)
  • Washbasin faucet Etna-18/D (BK) (ETD0068)
  • Washbasin faucet Etna-18/D (WT) (ETD0078)