New and Outstanding Faucet Series Valencia

One of the newest products in 2019 – the kitchen faucet VALENCIA-33 and the washbasin faucet VALENCIA-33 (S).
All in one: luxury, elegance and subtle lines.
The main design element of the Valencia faucet is two handles for cold and hot water.
This faucet is easy to adapt to both: a standard sink and a kitchen island – a high and comfortable spout rotates 360 °.

– Aerator Neoperl ® Honeycomb: mixing water with air creates the right pressure and at the same time helps to save water.

– Thanks to the noise suppression system – faucets work quietly and do not cause discomfort.

– It is a set of durable plastic fasteners and brass ring.

– 60 cm high-pressure water connection hoses.

– 5 years warranty.

– Product liability insurance that provides compensation for unexpected product-related events.

– Extremely glossy and durable surface for faucet coating.