New in: faucet for drinking water Ultra-32!

Those who have filters for drinking water must have an extra hole in a kitchen sink for a separate drinking water faucet. Let’s fix this issue: we offer a two-in-one solution – the Ultra-32 faucet, which has an integrated additional tube for a drinking water. On the left side of the faucet you will find a handle which regulates the function you want from the faucet: drinking water or the usual.

– 5-years warranty.
– Eco-friendliness – no need to buy drinking water in plastic or glass containers.
– Convenience – one faucet with two functions.
– Easy to install on any surface.
– The faucet body is made of high-quality brass, which is eco-friendly. Only the most reliable components are used in the production.
– Classic faucet design. The high spout provides maximum comfort; it has a turning radius of 360 degrees.
– High quality aerator Neoperl (Switzerland / Germany). Unique aerator with differentiated faucet and drinking water flow. Drinking water flows through a separate brass tube and runs through a separate aerator opening.
– PeX 60 cm flexible hoses Fliesser (Germany) for connecting the faucet to the tap water. Such hoses are made of polyester braids with inner PeX tube. Manufactured in accordance with the latest European Standard EN 13618: 2016. Warranty for the hoses is up to 10 years.
– 35 mm ceramic cartridge CITEC (Spain) for mixing cold and hot water, and a 90 ° ceramic valve CITEC for drinking water.
– High-quality components perform well in a variety of conditions, like contaminated water and unstable temperature pressures.

Additional connection
How this faucet can have two-in-one function? Rubineta explains: from the drinking water filter, the faucet is connected to a separate channel for the filtered water. When you buy the Ultra-32, in the product package you’ll find a tube with a screwed-in plastic quick connector for filtered water. The diameter of the plastic transition from the filter to the faucet is 6.35 mm.