Warranty service


Warranty service

RUBINETA faucets' warranty (with client's request, post-warranty as well) services can be provided in client's home or faucet's installation location. RUBINETA accepts full responsibility for its production quality and durability, making sure that during the entire time of warranty, a faucet will not cause our customers any inconvenience.

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Warranty service contacts and working hours

city service logo


Working hours: 24 hours a day
Phone: +370 520 741 11
Email: info@cse.lt
Website: http://www.cse.lt/

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Working hours: I-V: 9am-6pm
Phone: (+7 777) 001 1953
Email: kz@santeh-service.com
Website: https://santeh-service.com/

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Working hours: I-V: 8-17
Phone: +375 29 130 2211
Email: belservis@rubineta.com
Website: https://www.rubineta.com/

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Working hours: I-V: 8-17
Phone: +380 674 005 088
+380 954 005 088
Website: https://www.rubineta.com//

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Working hours: I-V: 8-17
Phone: +381 11 316 91 42
Email: maloprodaja@primna.rs
Website: http://www.primna.rs/servis.html

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Working hours: I-V: 8-17
Phone: +386 416 805 86
Email: info@kaplja-sp.si
Website: http://kaplja-sp.si/

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